Hermes' Silk Scarf Debut in 1937 Vogue France


We stumbled upon a treasure trove, a 1937 Vogue France advert that first introduced the Hermes silk scarf to the world. This piece of history, displaying Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches,’ isn’t just an old advert—it’s the starting line of a fashion revolution. The ad itself, simple yet classy, gives a nod to the timeless elegance that Hermes would come to define. It’s a snapshot of fashion heritage, marking the moment when this scarf started its journey to becoming a beloved classic.

Hermes ad in Vogue magazine 1937
Vogue magazine 1937
Hermes zoom of scarf ad in Vogue magazine 1937
Zoom of the scarf ad Vogue magazine 1937

In the design of Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches, there’s a playful scene that brings Paris of the past to life. We see horse-drawn buses circling ladies in their finest threads, chatting and laughing, a perfect picture of old-world charm. This isn’t just a scarf; it’s a piece of art that tells a story. When we wrap this silk around our necks, we’re not just wearing a scarf. We’re wearing a slice of Parisian life, a design that Robert Dumas made to keep the spirit of the city alive in every thread.

Hermes scarf Jeu des Omnibus 1937
Hermes scarf Jeu des Omnibus 1937 source Bonhams - Cornette de Saint Cyr