A variation of the Hermès scarf `Paradis de Soie` first edited in 2016 by `Laetitia Bianchi`
Source of the picture: Le Havre Enchères

Paradis de Soie

Shawls and Scarves 140 / classic



Designed by Laetitia Bianchi

First edition in 2016

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A flutter of silk ribbons is scattered on the wind; myriad printed motifs on the ties and scarves are intertwined, knotted and tangled to create this ‘Silken Paradise’, an enchanted garden of imaginative, natural forms. Mexican-born artist Laetitia Bianchi draws on the fauna and flora of her native country, mixed freely with others from around the world to compose a multi-coloured patchwork. Surrounded by ribboned flower garlands, we see the inhabitants of this Eden: a great, proud heron, two prettily-crested hoopoes, a quetzal – the sacred bird of the Aztecs and Mayans – and of course, two birds of paradise, with their exotic, trailing feathers.

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