A variation of the Hermès scarf `Balles de golf 2` first edited in 2006 by `Christiane Vauzelles`, `Dumas Pierre-Alexis`
Source of the picture: Le Brech & Associés

Balles de golf 2

Scarves 70 / classic



Designed by Dumas Pierre-Alexis , Christiane Vauzelles

First edition in 2006

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A capital H for Hermès, written in golf balls, their surfaces perfectly pitted, each one conforming to the regulatory size and weight laid down in the rules of the hallowed Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews: a strict diameter of no less than 42.67mm (1.68 inches), weighing no more than 45.93g (1.62 ounces). The balls have come to rest in perfect order. What player, what incomparable champion could exert such control, such precision? An open question… Structured and simple, the design is imbued with all the chic of the game it celebrates. A perfectly-judged cast shadow heightens the relief and softens the impact of the composition’s rigid alignments. Like that tantalising hint of dark on the green, when the ball stands just an inch or two from victory.

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