A variation of the Hermès scarf `Bonnes vibrations` first edited in 2000 by `Pierre Marie`
Source of the picture: archive.org

Bonnes vibrations

Scarves 90 / classic



Designed by Pierre Marie

First edition in 2000

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Hermes silk twill scarf, hand-rolled, 36" x 36" (100% silk)

Pierre Marie’s intriguing, complex composition is inspired, he says, by ‘the invisible forces of Nature.’ In the 18th century, the German physician Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni (the inventor of a musical instrument known as the euphon, and the author of a treatise on acoustics) performed an unusual experiment. He took a copper disc, sprinkled it with fine sand and ran a violin bow along its outer edge. The resulting musical vibrations had a surprising side effect: the sand particles organised themselves into geometric patterns, known today as Chladni figures. ‘Imagine my astonishment, when I saw what no man had ever seen before,’ he declared. ‘A ten- or twelve-pointed star appeared before my eyes.’ Pierre Marie presents his own interpretation of Chladni’s ‘ ‘geometry of sound.’

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