A variation of the Hermès scarf `Cannes et pommeaux ` first edited in 1985 by `Françoise De La Perriere`
Source of the picture: Côte Basque Enchères Lelièvre - Cabarrouy

Cannes et pommeaux

Scarves 70 / classic



Designed by Françoise De La Perriere

First edition in 1985

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Françoise de la Perrière, the designer of noted successes such as Camails, Voitures à transformation or Brides de cour, finds inspiration in the collection of Émile Hermès, that indefatigable seeker after curious, useful or beautiful objects, including this remarkable ensemble of canes, horsewhips and riding crops, their pommels subtly carved to depict doe’s heads, or ducks, or ivory clogs, or simple rings. Two remarkable and important riding crops occupy the centre of the design. One is surmounted by an equestrian effigy of Emperor Franz-Josef of Austria, who ruled from 1846 to 1916, and married the celebrated Princess Sissi in 1854. The other, so deceptively simple in appearance, conceals a field-glass in its shaft.

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