Caty Latham

Caty Latham, also known as Cathy Latham-Audibert, is a highly accomplished designer who has been creating remarkable Hermès scarves for over 45 incredible years. Latham is best known for designing “Cles,” one of the top 10 best-selling Hermès scarves of all time, and her self-referential designs. She initially left her first two designs, “Cles” and “Vendanges,” unsigned but later adopted the signature “.Caty.” for a decade before switching to signing as “Latham.”

Her extensive and mesmerizing collection of Hermès scarf designs includes:

Caty Latham’s incredible talent and keen eye for detail are evident in her vast collection of Hermès scarf designs. Her creations have captured the hearts and imaginations of scarf enthusiasts around the world, making her a cherished and celebrated figure in the world of Hermès.

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