Chantal de Crissey

Chantal de Crissey is a talented self-taught French designer who discovered her passion for drawing and painting simultaneously with her love for animals that surrounded her in her native Morvan. Her artistic journey began when she traded crawling on all fours for pencils and brushes. Her family’s artistic lineage undoubtedly played a role, as each generation featured an amateur painter, including a great-great-grandfather noticed by Ingres.

Throughout her school years, Chantal’s imagination was filled with the creation and illustration of comic strips, an African novel, and posters of equestrian events she participated in. She embarked on her professional career after discovering a box of 80 wax pastels in New York, which instantly captured her heart. Without any instructions, she developed her technique and has been happily capturing animal portraits and creating animal-themed compositions with pastels for over 25 years.

Her style reflects the chic and revered French tradition, something she embraces both in her art and her being. Chantal’s work for Hermès, prestigious equestrian and canine posters, and other designs are a marvelous application of her skills. As an artist, she believes in drawing what one knows well and loving what one knows well.

Chantal de Crissey’s contribution to the Hermès scarf collection includes:

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