Charles-Jean Hallo

Charles-Jean Hallo, also known as Alo, was a renowned French painter, engraver, illustrator, and poster artist. As a member of the Société des Artistes Français, he studied at the Beaux-Arts in Dijon and was a student of J.E. Blanche and Ch. Cottet. He created over a hundred posters for railway companies and illustrated numerous titles by Jules Verne for Hachette. A passionate animal artist, Charles-Jean Hallo was also the founder of the Musée de la Vénerie in Senlis, France.

Throughout his illustrious career, Charles-Jean Hallo designed an array of scarves for Hermès, which include:

His contributions to Hermès showcase his intricate understanding of the French hunting tradition, as well as his ability to capture the beauty and elegance of animals. His keen eye for detail and expertise in the world of animal art made his designs truly exceptional and highly sought after.

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