Christine Henry

Christine Henry is a talented French designer celebrated for her captivating work with Hermès scarves. Inspired by myths, legends, and symbolism associated with animals and plants in various ancient and modern civilizations, her designs captivate the viewer with intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

Christine has been drawing since her childhood and studied Fine Arts before illustrating for the press and publishing houses. After pursuing a professional training in computer-assisted design, she created logos, advertisements, and book layouts for various publishers. Despite her success in the digital realm, Christine yearned for traditional drawing and painting, leading her to exhibit her work in tempera on wood and pastels on paper.

Since 1995, Christine Henry has been working as a freelance designer for Hermès, creating designs for silk scarves and related products. Throughout her collaboration with Hermès, Christine has crafted original designs based on themes she holds dear, such as environmental preservation, cultural history, and the beauty of nature.

The following scarves at Hermès showcase her exceptional talent:

For Christine, the art of drawing and painting should serve the beauty of life, and she remains committed to exploring the wonders of nature and animals in her work. To discover more about Christine Henry and her extraordinary designs, visit her website at and her Instagram page at christinehenryartist.

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