Dimitri Rybaltchenko

Dimitri Rybaltchenko is a renowned Hermès scarf designer, known for his vivid imagination and enchanting creations. Born into a cosmopolitan artistic family with French and Ukrainian roots, Dimitri’s background includes diverse arts such as opera, painting, architecture, drawing, and sculpture. As a result, his creative work knows no boundaries, and his artistry spans across various mediums, techniques, and styles.

Throughout his collaboration with Hermès, Dimitri has designed an impressive array of scarves, including:

Dimitri’s artistry extends beyond scarf design, as he has also created objects and decorations for Hermès, Fendi Casa, Dior, and Saint Laurent, among others. His work ranges from designing silk scarves, bracelets, plates, and ties for Hermès to crafting furniture and decorations for Fendi Casa’s Cerva line.

Rybaltchenko is known for his exceptional attention to detail, quality, and respect for craftsmanship. His love for the objects he creates is evident in his joyful and generous approach to his work, aiming to bring delight to those who experience his creations.

An artist at heart, Dimitri Rybaltchenko is a dreamer and illustrator who weaves magic into his images, objects, and poetic worlds.

For more information and a glimpse into his creative universe, you can visit Dimitri’s website and follow him on Instagram dimitrirybaltchenko.

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