Karin Swildens

Karin Swildens is a talented and versatile artist born in Holland and raised in Morocco, where she learned French. She has a rich artistic background that includes painting, illustration, and sculpture. Swildens studied at “L’École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs” in Paris and began her professional career as a painter and illustrator. She draws inspiration from symbols, mythology, stories, experiences, and imagination to create aesthetic objects that both delight and provoke the senses.

Swildens has designed several scarves for Hermès, including:

In addition to her work with Hermès, Swildens has illustrated children’s magazines and authored and illustrated a children’s book, “Poutou et Pitchoun,” published by Dessain et Tolra in Paris, France.

After moving to the United States in 1980, Swildens began creating wood sculptures as a way to explore the “other side” of her paintings. By 1982, she shifted her focus to clay and has passionately pursued this medium ever since. Her work reflects her belief in the importance of “Joy and Humor in Life,” using archetypal and personal symbols to convey this message.

To view more of Karin Swildens’ work and stay updated on her latest creations, follow her on Instagram at karinswildens or visit her website at kswildens.wixsite.com/karin.

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