Natalie Rich-Fernandez

Natalie Rich-Fernandez is a dynamic French visual artist known for her multidisciplinary work. Born and educated in France, Natalie is a master of multiple mediums including video, photography, painting, drawing, and ceramics.

After studying at Penninghen and the Beaux-Arts in Paris, Natalie expanded her artistic horizons, expressing her creative prowess through various forms. Her work has been showcased in numerous galleries including K’Art, Simone Kervern, the Véronique Smagghe gallery, and the gallery of the designer Hervé Van Der Straeten.

Natalie’s commitment to her craft is apparent in her strikingly diverse body of work. Among her notable exhibitions is her video “Mollusc”, curated by Elvan Zabunyan and displayed during the month of photography in Paris. This piece was notably acquired by the European House of Photography.

Rich-Fernandez’s work is characterized by its graphical prowess and a strong connection to design. At the heart of her approach is an exploration of the power of color and rhythm. Her abstract paintings delve into patterns and geometry, striking in their simplicity yet vibrant with energy. The influences behind her work range from Paul Klee, pop art, and music, to the likes of the Douanier Rousseau, Munch, Delaunay, Poliakoff, Le Corbusier, Niemeyer, Sol Lewitt, Barry MC Gee, Miro, Brancusi, art brut, and Bispo do Rosario.

In addition to her many gallery exhibitions throughout France and Europe, notably in Paris, Cologne, Brussels, and Lausanne, Natalie has made her mark in the fashion industry through her work with Hermès.

As a scarf designer for Hermès, Natalie brings her rich visual language and sense of rhythm and color into the realm of textiles. Among her creations is the “Marcelina” scarf, a vibrant display of her mastery over form and color, showcasing the dynamic, fluid elegance that is characteristic of her style. Her Hermès scarves embody a delicate balance of design and artistry, transforming the simple scarf into a work of art.

Whether through her gallery exhibitions, video installations, or iconic Hermès scarf designs, Natalie Rich-Fernandez continues to make significant contributions to the art world, each work a testament to her diverse influences, her deep understanding of color and form, and her unwavering dedication to her craft.

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