Nathalie Vialars

Nathalie Vialars is a renowned French illustrator and scarf designer best known for her iconic designs for the luxury fashion house, Hermès. A blend of her talent, years of experience, and passion for travel and cultural exploration have allowed her to craft some of the most exquisite and globally inspired scarves in the fashion industry.

After graduating in 2000 from the Higher School of Graphic Arts in Paris, Nathalie has accrued over 15 years of experience in illustration and design across various sectors including luxury, fashion, textiles, branding, cosmetics, and table arts. She has consistently demonstrated her ability to design creative projects fitting different styles and mediums, all the while infusing her work with her unique touch, influenced by travel and cultural discovery.

Nathalie’s curiosity and imagination have enabled her to adapt to different mediums: textile, porcelain, paper, and more. She oversees the entire creation process from the conception of the original idea and drawings, through research, development, and coordination of graphic creation, to the selection of the most efficient workshop and production follow-up of the finished object.

Her professional journey began in France where she worked in various communication and advertising agencies as an art director. Later, as an independent artist, Nathalie shifted her focus to the luxury market, crafting designs for prominent houses such as Hermès, where she spent nine years designing scarf patterns.

During her eight-year sojourn in Asia, Nathalie satisfied her desire for travel and found inspiration in a myriad of new experiences. These diverse cultures allowed her to adapt her work and imagination to a variety of mediums and different cultures.

Upon returning to France, Nathalie chose to settle down in the south of France, in Aix en Provence, and rediscover her home country.

Among her outstanding works for Hermès are the De passage à Paris, De passage à New York, De passage à Tokyo, De passage à Moscou, and L’art du Témari scarves. These collections are a testament to Nathalie’s love for travel and cultural exploration, perfectly encapsulating the essence of each city within her designs.

You can delve deeper into Nathalie’s world by visiting her website or following her on Instagram to stay updated with her latest creations.

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