A variation of the Hermès scarf `Alphabet Russe` first edited in 2006 by `Evgenia Miroschnichenko`
Source of the picture: Le Brech & Associés

Alphabet Russe

Scarves 90 / classic



Designed by Evgenia Miroschnichenko

First edition in 2006

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Evgenia’s inspiration for Alphabet Russe was drawn from 9th to 14th-century Russian calligraphy tables, which she studied to create the intricate lettering in the design. Some letters were crafted by Evgenia herself, adhering to the stylistic direction she established for the scarf. At the center of the design is the magical bird Stratim, a creature believed to live in the ocean and sing lullabies to children. A dove, symbolizing love, grace, and prosperity, also adorns the piece.

The story of the Golden Rooster is also beautifully woven into the design. When the rooster wind vane was perched on a house’s roof, it signified well-being. The rooster’s morning call was believed to drive away evil forces. This cultural iconography can also be seen in Russian candies, gingerbread, and other sweets shaped like animals and birds.

In Russian culture, men wore bracelets with lion images as symbols of male strength. Evgenia’s Alphabet Russe is a celebration of the enchanting and multifaceted nature of Russian culture.

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