Evgenia Miroschnichenko

Evgenia Miroschnichenko, a native of Kharkiv, has been living in Paris for many years, creating designs for the renowned Hermès Fashion House under the pseudonym Evgenia Miro. Fashion enthusiasts around the globe covet her scarves, and her designer dishes are cherished in the private collections of the famous. Among those who proudly wear Evgenia Miro’s scarves are Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Zurab Tsereteli, and other influential figures.

Born into an intellectual family, Evgenia was raised with a deep appreciation for education, literature, and the arts. Her mother, a spacecraft design engineer, ensured Evgenia and her brother received a well-rounded upbringing. As a result, Evgenia attended various schools, including an English school, a physics and mathematics school, an art school, and a sports school.

Evgenia’s passion for art began at a young age, and her mother’s support played an instrumental role in her development. She eventually chose to pursue art over sports, a decision that would lead her to study at the Art Academy in St. Petersburg.

Throughout her life, Evgenia has been deeply influenced by her love for poetry, literature, and the arts. This love is evident in her work for Hermès, where she has designed iconic scarves such as Alphabet Russe and Zabavushka.

Alphabet Russe

Evgenia’s inspiration for Alphabet Russe was drawn from 9th to 14th-century Russian calligraphy tables, which she studied to create the intricate lettering in the design. Some letters were crafted by Evgenia herself, adhering to the stylistic direction she established for the scarf. At the center of the design is the magical bird Stratim, a creature believed to live in the ocean and sing lullabies to children. A dove, symbolizing love, grace, and prosperity, also adorns the piece.


The second scarf, Zabavushka, features a charming depiction of Russian folk toys and includes numerous horse figures. This exceptional design was included in a book commemorating the 70th anniversary of Hermès scarves. In 2009, Zabavushka was recognized as the best scarf of the year, selling out quickly.

Evgenia’s journey from Kharkiv to Hermès has been a testament to the importance of education, hard work, and passion for the arts. Her unique designs continue to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide, placing her among the most influential scarf designers at the iconic Hermès Fashion House.

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