A variation of the Hermès scarf `Bolduc au carré ` first edited in 2007 by `Caty Latham`
Source of the picture: Le Brech & Associés

Bolduc au carré

Scarves 90 / classic



Designed by Caty Latham

First edition in 2007

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Hermes silk twill scarf, hand rolled, 36" x 36"

In French, bolduc is the decorative ribbon used to wrap gifts (after Bois-le-Duc, the French name for the Dutch town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.) Even a humble strip of cotton or linen tape can aspire to greatness, and so it is with the signature bolduc that ties every pretty parcel from the house of Hermès. First introduced in 1949, the ribbon has been printed with the house’s annual theme, every year since 1987 (beginning with ‘Feu d’artifice’). Caty Latham’s design uses the simple but elegant house bolduc, its dotted border evoking the celebrated saddle-stitch, to create an intricate weave, criss-crossing the slender strips to disguise and reveal another Hermès signature – the famous carriage and groom, playing hide-and-seek in a multitude of tiny squares. The result is a scintillating mosaic – another motif dear to the house’s heart – and a vibrant, eye-catching surface.

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