A variation of the Hermès scarf `De la mer au ciel ` first edited in 2004 by `Laurence Bourthoumieux`
Source of the picture: Le Brech & Associés

De la mer au ciel

Scarves 90 / classic


Designed by Laurence Bourthoumieux

First edition in 2004

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Hermes silk twill scarf, hand rolled, 36" x 36"

Fish, like sea-butterflies, metamorphose to greet the sky.’ With these words, Laurence Bourthoumieux describes her teeming, rippling composition of harmonious curves, their meandering forms evoking the ocean depths, and skies full of birds and butterflies. The design is – quite literally – a picture of metamorphosis in action, a vision of a world floating and flying free of gravity itself; a fluid, dreamlike world where shapes, colours and light are transformed from one moment to the next. Centuries ago, the sky was sometimes thought to be composed of the same elements as the sea. And in ancient Greece, fish were among the attributes of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, born – like this silken bestiary – of the ocean spray.

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