Laurence Bourthoumieux

Laurence Bourthoumieux, also known as Toutsy, is a gifted French artist and designer known for her remarkable work with Hermès. Born Laurence Thioune, she has signed her earlier works as L.T. and later adopted the pseudonym Toutsy after her name changed, presumably due to marriage.

Bourthoumieux’s unique style and artistic flair have resulted in a number of exceptional Hermès scarves, including:

Laurence Bourthoumieux’s exceptional talent and captivating designs have made her a significant figure in the world of Hermès scarf design. Her distinctive style and artistic vision continue to charm and captivate fans of the iconic Hermès carrés.

Though information about Bourthoumieux’s personal life remains limited, her remarkable body of work speaks for itself, reflecting her undeniable creativity and dedication to her craft.

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