Anamorphée is a French design studio celebrated for their innovative and captivating scarf designs for the iconic luxury brand Hermès. Founded in 2009 by Céline and Cécile, two talented graphic designers, Anamorphée has been a creative force behind some of Hermès’ most memorable scarves. The design duo brings together their extensive backgrounds in graphic design, illustration, and fine arts to create visually striking silk scarves that showcase their unique artistic vision.

Working with Hermès, Anamorphée has produced a series of distinctive and imaginative designs that blend contemporary aesthetics with classical art elements. The duo is known for their attention to detail, expert use of color, and their ability to create intricate patterns that evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment.

Some of Anamorphée’s most notable designs for Hermès include Perspective cavalière, H en voyage and Ex-libris à carreaux. These designs showcase their exceptional talent for storytelling and their ability to reimagine historical and mythological themes in a fresh and modern context.

Their signature style is characterized by the interplay of bold colors, fine lines, and whimsical imagery, all executed with an undeniable sense of elegance and sophistication. This approach has made Anamorphée a favorite among Hermès scarf collectors and enthusiasts who are drawn to their unique and captivating creations.

In addition to their work with Hermès, Anamorphée has been involved in various other design projects, including collaborations with fashion brands, cultural institutions, and private clients. Their diverse portfolio demonstrates their versatility and commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and creativity.

Anamorphée’s partnership with Hermès has left an indelible mark on the storied history of the luxury brand’s scarves. The design duo’s innovative approach, artistic prowess, and undeniable passion for their craft have established them as a driving force within the world of Hermès scarf design, earning them a devoted following among collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike.

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