Henri d'Origny

Henri d’Origny: A Master of Timeless Design

Henri d’Origny is an iconic designer who has been working with Hermès for over five decades. He started his career at Hermès in 1971 and has since been a major creative force in the design of their signature silk scarves, ties, and watches.

D’Origny’s artistic genius is evident in the numerous Hermès scarf designs he has created over the years, including:

Beyond his work on scarves, d’Origny also played a significant role in the design of Hermès ties and watches. He helped the company establish its own line of ties and is known for his love of elegant, timeless watch designs. In an interview with Maria Doulton, d’Origny discussed his philosophy of not fighting against time and valuing moments, as exemplified by the Le Temps Suspendu watch he wore.

D’Origny’s creative process has resulted in a range of products that embody the Hermès philosophy, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. His work has helped shape the company’s enduring reputation for luxury, elegance, and style.

With a career spanning more than half a century, Henri d’Origny’s contributions to the world of design are both numerous and remarkable. His dedication to his craft and his passion for timeless elegance continue to inspire new generations of designers and make him an invaluable member of the Hermès family.

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