Natsuno Hidaka

Natsuno Hidaka is an enigmatic and talented designer whose work has made a significant mark on the luxury fashion house, Hermès. Despite limited available information about her personal life and artistic journey, her beautifully designed scarves speak volumes about her creativity, technical prowess, and eye for detail.

Hidaka’s unique ability to imbue her designs with intricate stories and cultural nuances sets her work apart. Each of her scarves is more than just a fashion statement, it’s an artistic expression that captures the beauty of diverse cultures and the intricate details of life itself.

Among her iconic scarves for Hermès are the Turandot, Lumières de Paris, Ballade de Heian, Esprit Aïnou, Rose Compas II, and Le fil d’Ariane scarves.

The “Turandot” scarf showcases a colorful and intricate depiction of the renowned Puccini opera, while “Lumières de Paris” captures the essence of the City of Lights with its vibrant representation of Parisian landmarks. “Ballade de Heian” offers a visual ode to the Heian era of Japan, whereas “Esprit Aïnou” reflects the spirit and culture of the indigenous Ainu people. “Rose Compas II” is a delightful blend of floral and navigational motifs, and “Le fil d’Ariane” beautifully narrates the myth of Ariadne’s thread in a labyrinth.

Through her creations for Hermès, Natsuno Hidaka has proven that her artistry transcends boundaries. Her ability to capture the essence of different cultures, stories, and elements within her designs has solidified her reputation as a noteworthy contributor to the prestigious legacy of Hermès scarf designers.

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